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2017 Lima Perry Commodore Basketball- OHSAA State Championship Journey

2017 Commodore Lane-The Championship QuestLima Ohio Perry High School Mascot Logoa TDMVProductions Documentary

(Click the image above to see the extraordinary documentry of their 2017 OHSAA State Championship Journey.)

Lima Perry Commodore Basketball- 2017  State Championship Journey was full of emotional by itself and when  combined with the tragic accident that took the life of a beloved Asst basketball Coach and Head Football Coach, The Perry Student Body, the Perry School community, the city of Lima Ohio and the entire NW Ohio region  came together as one, to support this group of young OHSAA Student Athletics, Coaches and Cheerleaders together as one in this their 1st time run ever in school history as a State Championship of Basketball. Enjot the journey of the 2017 Commodore Lane!

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Gift-a-Gram 2017

This is Gift-a-Gram commercial  from 2017 with the Fabulous and Famous FUNK BROS. I love those guys and looked forward to working with them again many many more times soon!

I just loved working with the little cutie-pie with her missing teeth. She was such a joy and her enthusiasm was very contagious!